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  • Time keeps on ticking What sort of things cross your mind when you're sitting there at work, in your office or your cubicle or whatever, and you know your time is being wasted. Not in the sense of "I can do more than this" or "I wish I was working on that other cool project", but more like "this is completely fucking retarded and NOBODY should be doing what I'm doing." Sometimes I wonder how often those types of thoughts cross people's minds. As they sit there, surfing the web, essentially being paid to occupy a seating position on the office floor plan.Fixing such things is *just as simple(!)* as thinking of something creative and worthwhile to do with your ...
    Posted Feb 25, 2011, 10:33 AM by The Scenario
  • WTF Wondering what this web site is all about? Same here, in a way. Still trying to decide that for myself. Or ourselves, I should say, for we are many. Perhaps you are wondering what the hell 'meritrociy' could mean. Allow me to Watson that for you: it's what happens when an organization that prides itself on being a so-called meritocracy becomes an atrocity due to the incompetence, laziness and hubris of it's leadership. Kind of a mouthful, wouldn't you say? Alas, meritrocity.Thinking on the term meritocracy just for a spell, there is some debate as to whether the concept is even valid. The authors of The Meritocracy Myth (http://www.ncsociology.org/sociationtoday/v21/merit ...
    Posted Feb 18, 2011, 11:56 AM by The Scenario
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